Let Us Tell You About this Exciting Dealer Co-op Program!

We can help your PINK® business rise to even greater heights by leveraging your co-op funds with our branding and successful marketing tools.

Earn 2%

Dealers can earn 2% of their previous year’s net purchases of Owens Corning® PINK® FIBERGLAS®, FOAMULAR® & FOAMULAR® NGX™ insulation products. Please allow 2 business days to approve your account and upload your funds.

Check Balance


Funds are available January 1 to November 30 of same year (no claims in December) and expire, with no carry over into following year. ALL CLAIMS MUST BE IN BY NOVEMBER 30, 2022.

Owens Corning® Promotional Marketing

You can order your Owens Corning® marketing materials through this link. You can also download the order forms. We make it easy and fun to promote your PINK® business!



To receive full reimbursement, be sure to include only:

  • Owens Corning products being showcased
  • Owens Corning logos, photos, and illustrations on ads, flyers, invitations, etc.
  • Owens Corning name and description on radio spots

Eligible Advertising Expenses

Note there is 100% reimbursement of local advertising, promotional P.O.S., and premiums.

Submit a dealer invoice along with a copy of a paid 3rd party supplier invoice (Owens Corning does not pay any supplier invoices). Dealers may not deduct co-op claims from Owens Corning® invoices — only credits will be issued.

Send Claims To:

Do You Have Any Questions?
Call 1-855-210-6725.

Co-op funds are for driving your PINK® insulation business. For example, promotions, customer giveaways and advertising are great tools.

Owens Corning Legal Pre-Approval Is a Must

All usage of the Owens Corning® name, logo, products, and/or Pink Panther MUST follow the Brand Guidelines AND be Owens Corning legally approved prior to production to. Claims will be denied if not pre-approved.
Submit PDF to: MarketingCanada@owenscorning.com

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