Your Canadian Customer Service Team!

These individuals work hard, every day, to bring you the best products and service in the construction and insulation business. So, wherever you may be across the country, there’s always a friendly face, ready to help.

Kalina Sutaroski | 416-698-6472

Mary Stuart | 833-579-0336

Sean Byers | 800-548-4687

Ali Nimour | 833-758-2887

Eric Bertrand | 833-230-6694

Eric McKenna | 800-419-0741

George Mantzoros | 855-335-0970

Joelle El Helou | 833-656-3450

Colin Budden | 888-855-1462

Chris Lee | 833-540-0212

Derek Wilson | 833-455-2753

Mark Joedicke | 866-254-4015

Rich Phung | 833-602-2112

Rylan Ostrosky | 833-641-0826

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Owens Corning Legal Pre-Approval Is a Must

All usage of the Owens Corning® name, logo, products, and/or Pink Panther MUST follow the Brand Guidelines AND be Owens Corning legally approved prior to production to. Claims will be denied if not pre-approved.
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