• Let us help you grow your business.

    Get the most out of our many amazing resources. A strategic blend of these tactics will make all the difference to your retail success. And it’s all in one place, right here.

  • Set Up an AttiCat® Demonstration Display. Feature the AttiCat® Machine In Action!

    Set up an AttiCat® display to show your customers how easy and fast a DIY attic insulation top-up can be. Jim Caruk, Master Contractor will take them through all the steps and gets your customers closer to a purchase decision while they’re in your retail environment. Order your DVD demo today!

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  • “Win Your Community Event”

    Simply order a pre-packaged event for your chance to win!

    Promotional events are a great way to interact with your community, generate traffic, and build customer relations. Create your own event or host one of our specially created events.

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  • Drive Business Growth, Reward your Customer

    Together, two great brands, working hand-in-hand to add comfort and savings to your local homeowners. The benefits of running a PINK® insulation mail-in promotion are multi-fold. Try one today, your customers will thank you and your bank account will flourish.

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