Help Grow Your Business with Exciting Community Events.

Build and enhance customer relationships by creating and hosting your own special events and promotions — bringing customers back to your store again and again.

Order 1 of 3 Complete Packages and You Could Win Your Promotion!

By ordering one of the Events below, you get your chance to win that promotion!

Engage your customers with a great way to say thanks – host a BBQ event
Create additional excitement around your BBQ event by incorporating radio or print for additional support, or by combining it with another event, such as the Photo Op. The possibilities are endless!

Order package “BBQ Event” with a value of $240 and you could WIN your promotion.

Boost your business and their creativity by hosting a children’s colouring contest.
A great way to interact with the community, generate traffic, build customer relations, and more!

Order package “Colouring” with a value of $167 and you could WIN your promotion.

Pink Panther™ Photo Contest

This event has the benefit of increasing and maximizing sales, along with increasing good will. Bring the community to you, by inviting them to have their photo taken with the Pink Panther™.

A great way to build customer relations.

Order package “Photo Op” with a value of $165 and you could WIN your promotion.

Create Your Own Exciting Community Event

Step 1 – Content Requirements

Contact your local Owens Corning Sales Manager for planning and/or approval of the event agenda, which must include information about eligible Owens Corning products.

Step 2 – Eligible Expenses

Program funds can be applied toward printing and postage costs for promoting the event (flyers, invitations) plus hospitality costs up to the amount pre-approved by your local Owens Corning Area Sales Manager.

Step 3 – Proof of Performance

Copies of actual flyers or invitations and receipts for event expenses (postage, food, beverages, hall or room rental) and completed advertising claim form.

Once you’ve decided on your event, select the promotional items that will best suit your event and needs.

Order Now

Win Your Promotion Contest Details – To qualify to enter this contest, you must order everything on the suggested items list for either the Colouring Contest, Pink Panther™ Photo Op, or the BBQ event and host the event. You will be automatically entered for a chance to win back the value of the Co-op funds for this event. Any additional items you order for this promotion will not be included. The prize value is listed at the bottom of the event page. Quarterly contests will close at 11:59 pm on March 31, 2021, June 30, 2021, September 30, 2021 and December 31, 2021. Winners will be notified by email within 10 days of the quarterly contest closing. Allow 10 days for the credit of Co-op dollars to be credited to your account.

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