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With Owens Corning.

Introducing the Next Generation of PINK® FIBERGLAS®

Safety - 99% Safer Fire Performance - No added fire retardants
Precision - Faster Install and Passes Inspection
Comfort - Feels Soft as Cotton
Sustainability - Made With 100% Wind-Powered Electricity

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Earn 2%

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The #1 Insulation Brand is Behind You All The Way.

Canadians tell us we’re the preferred home insulation brand, and most recommended in the country. That top-of-mind consumer awareness helps you close the sale. Why? Because the Owens Corning® PINK® brand resonates so strongly with our customers.

  • 83%
    Most Believed In
    (most confident that Owens Corning was the right brand to purchase)
  • 75%
    Pink Panther™
    (believe that the Pink Panther™ is effective at helping Owens Corning to sell its insulation products)
  • 69%
    Product Awareness
    (are aware of various Owens Corning products)
  • 67%
    Prefer Pink
    (prefer their insulation to be pink)
  • 66%
    Brand Awareness
    (Canada’s most well-known brand)
    Closest competitor: 52%

Brand Preference Study conducted by Forum Research, March 2019.
† Based on Stats Canada Report CS44-004-IN, April 2013
* 99% less smoke generation potential under controlled fire test conditions vs. a competitive combustible insulation material. See owenscorning.com for details (live March 2021).
^^ Based on Stats Canada Census 2006 and code analysis by industry expert, Keith Wilson.