Point-of-Sale Pieces Are a Great Way to Keep Your Customers Informed and Interested.

High brand awareness means that your customers are already looking for PINK®.

In-Store Signage

Attention-grabbing signs in your retail environment will send your customers directly to Owens Corning products and provide them with additional information for an easier purchase decision.

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Fence Banners

Placing a 4’ x 8’ vinyl fence banner with grommets outside your store is a great way to help increase your sales of Owens Corning® products.

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Owens Corning Legal Pre-Approval Is a Must

All usage of the Owens Corning® name, logo, products, and/or Pink Panther MUST follow the Brand Guidelines AND be Owens Corning legally approved prior to production to. Claims will be denied if not pre-approved.
Submit PDF to: MarketingCanada@owenscorning.com

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