Kids Love the Pink Panther Colouring Contest.

Boost your business and their creativity by hosting a children’s colouring contest. A great way to interact with the community, generate traffic, build customer relations, and more!

Order Package “Colouring” with a Value of $167
and You Could WIN Your Promotion.

  1. 1 – 45″ Large Plush Pink Panther™
    Pub. No. 400317
  2. 5 – 9″ Small Pink Panther™ Doll
    Pub. No. 400316
  3. 1 – Pink Panther™ Activity Book
    (25 per box)
    Pub. No. 500516
  4. 1 – Balloons (50 per pkg)
    Pub. No. 500174
  5. 1 – Pink Panther™ Crayons
    (25 per box)
    Pub. No. 600

Owens Corning Legal Pre-Approval Is a Must

All usage of the Owens Corning® name, logo, products, and/or Pink Panther MUST follow the Brand Guidelines AND be Owens Corning legally approved prior to production to. Claims will be denied if not pre-approved.
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